Manos Mayas

Manos Mayas, founded in 2005, offers arts & crafts made by handicapped artists in Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan in Mexico.

The artists work from their homes, assisted by their direct family members in the production and distribution of their creations. In this way they are able to provide for their families and live independently.

Manos Mayas seeks to offer products that are made as much as possible with local material, such as sisal, the former green gold of the Yucatan in its glory time of the sisal producing haciendas in the 19th century. Also used is a more refined fiber from a plant called Sansevieria. Only a few artisans in the Yucatan make thread with this fiber which is softer and finer than sisal.

Using traditional materials and methods, Manos Mayas seeks to make creations of original and modern design that will fit in with today's lifestyles.

Manos Mayas as an organization further seeks to promote the creations made by these handicapped artists and artisans locally and worldwide. Currently their crafts are for sale in local furniture, fashion and handicrafts stores as well as in hotels in both the city of Merida and in the Riviera Maya. Internationally, their crafts have been sold in Belize, Peru, New York and London. Home & Haven is a proud US trade partner with Manos Mayas.

Please EMAIL US or contact us at + 1 718 875 1775 for complete style and price list for Manos Mayas product offerings. We can also produce your designs at private label capacity.